Stop paying for subscriptions you're not using, automatically.

Lightswitch finds and pauses inactive subscriptions for you. Subscribe to everything, only pay for what you use.

Lightswitch makes subscriptions flexible.

Regular subscriptions are one-size-fits-all with billing that runs on auto-pilot. Lightswitch turns subscriptions on when you need them, and off when you don't.

Save on everything you subscribe to, not just the things you want to cancel.

Lightswitch finds you the best possible price and stops billing from unwanted or inactive subscriptions before it starts. Save even more than one-click cancellation, without cancelling anything. Start subscribing better.

All of your subscriptions.
One small bill.

Stop scanning your billing statement every month. Lightswitch lets you combine all of your subscriptions into one easy-to-understand bill with no surprises.

Subscribe on your own terms.

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